Hammam Survival Kit- what to take to a hammam and a shopping list for the souk

In countries such as Morocco and Turkey historically there were very few bathrooms in houses and so people went to the hammam or public bath house. If you are planning a visit to a hammam this article outlines a survival kit that you may find helpful to consider before entering the bath. Most of them can be purchased in the medina or souk and there are also some items on sale in the hammams themselves.

Kese Mit- this is a special cloth which is also very effective at exfoliating dead skin from the body.

A plastic stool or mat to sit on instead of the bare floor

Flip flops- this helps avoid foot fungus which may be lurking on the hammam floor

A plastic bucket to carry water in to pour over your head

Black soap- olive oil soap that really foams when lathered


Clean change of clothing

Once the kit has been sourced you are ready to visit the hammam. Some of the more upmarket hotel hammams have these items already available, however if you choose to be more adventurous and visit one of the local establishments which are just as good you will need to buy a kit beforehand.


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