Bathing Review- Aqua Sana, Warminster

I came across a spa that offered many global experiences within its complex and decided to give it a try. Aqua Sana Spa is part of the Centerparcs Complex in Longleat, Warminster, Wiltshire and there are others at the main Centerparcs at Sherwood Forest, Penrith and Suffolk. It had been the “World of Spa” that appealed with around 15 different experiences including a Turkish Hammam and Balinese bath so I had to try it out.

Booking is easily done online and if any other beauty therapies are required you need to ring and book them beforehand. The whole complex is within a wooded holiday park making a very pleasant drive. After being welcomed I was shown around and given a short talk on the day. I got changed- and it is bathing suits and robes at all times – and made my way to trying the spa.

There were a whole collection of steam rooms at varying humidities and all designed to make one sweat. They ranged from the Balinese Multi Steam Bath to the Japanese Salt Steam Bath and and Indian Blossom Steam Room. There was a Tyrolean sauna and a Turkish Hammam as well as some reflexology footbaths.

It was very pleasant wandering about getting steamed up and then cooling down and swimming to the outdoor spa pool. I did however miss that mystique about an authentic hammam or thermal bath that you find overseas and there was something missing- the attendants with their scrubbing brushes and black olive soap.

The place is spotlessly clean and the staff very welcoming. It is an excellent place to chill out for a day. If you want the real thing and not just middle aged couples wandering in and out to steam rooms in bathing costumes then think about something a bit more authentic.

I would return and recommend it- but compared to an authentic hammam or banya , a swim in an icy river or a thermal bath- te experience is not quite there.


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