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Moroccan Hammam- What to Expect

Morocco is one of the best places to try a hammam and you can choose from a traditional communal one or a riad or hotel based establishment which will be more expensive. Remember to take a hammam kit of you go to a communal one and find out the timings for ladies.

Once you have agreed your treatment package you will be guided to a changing room where you undress but keep your knickers on. This is why you need a dry pair!In Morocco total nudity is not acceptable and this varies from country to country.

Relax with a towel inĀ  a steamy haven which is often domed along the benches and let the perspiration begin as your pores open. This takes around 20 minutes, but don’t be hurried. A tebbayah or bath attendant will come along and take you to the lather you with black soap. Then you will experience the gommage where a kesa brush is used to exfoliate your skin. Expect to see a considerable amount of dead skin as the ladies are vigorous in their work. You will then be rinsed off with tepid water and massaged with oil, leaving you blissfully clean and relaxed.I always feel on top of the world afterwards.

A glass of Moroccan tea usually finishes off this exquisite experience- which comes highly recommended.